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  • Are your services covered by extended health care providers?
    Depending on the service and practitioner, your services may qualify for coverage with your insurance provider. The services that are not covered can, however, be submitted for a tax refund on your next filing!
  • What do I need to know for my first appointment with one of your practitioners?
    Good news is, there isn't much you need to bring other than yourself! Usually, the first few minutes of the initital session are spent going over intake and consent forms, although with Naturopathy and Psychotherapy, the intake process can last the whole session. Our approach is very much customized and therefore we are both thorough and transparent, allowing you time to ask any questions or voice any concerns before getting started!
  • How does a Collective work? Do I need to use more than one service?
    Not at all! The beauty of a collective environment is that while the option for full integrative service is available to you, there is no pressure to use it! You can see as many or as few pracitioners as you would like, the choice is always yours.
  • Can I just walk-in to see your facility and book an appointment?
    While our office is almost always open, we do not have a reception service and therefore walk-ins are rarely fruitful. You can pop in with the hope that someone is available to speak with you, but chances are, we are with clients. Best way to reach us is by calling any of the pracitioners and arranging a time to come and check out our space. In addition, most of our pracitioners offer a complimentary consultation, which can be a great opportunity for you to see Health Annex with no commitment!
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